12 September 2012

Acewood, our partners in Beijing, recently designed a training program for 40 Chinese Miss World hopefuls. Catalyst Global had the enviable task of supplying an integrated teambuilding activity.

In the lead up to the Chinese pageant, we were just putting our new fragrance creation event "Essence of Excellence" through its final testing. The opportunity to provide a teambuilding activity for prospective Miss Worlds gave us the perfect launch pad for this exciting new product.

Catalyst Global Director Mark Davenport flew out to facilitate the event, which was extremely well received by the participants. Working in 6 teams, all the girls got ‘hands on’ with our bespoke perfume creation kits. After a brief insight into the perfume business, Mark presented each team with a brief to create and blend an individual fragrance that appealed to a given target market. The Miss World judges were not only scoring on teamwork, but also on how well the teams understood their customers by combining top, mid and base notes to create the perfect essence.

“I was extremely impressed with the quality the fragrance that the contestants produced, so good in fact that they all took a sample home with them. Miss World aside, it’s worth rembering that Essence of Excellence is not just for glamour girls. By combining the unique combination of ingredients in our bespoke creation kits teams can create male, female and fresh young unisex fragrances.

Creating a fragrance is a very interesting and interactive process, I would have no hesitation in recommending this to an all male audience. In all our game testing we’ve received a massive thumbs up from the boys.

In terms of linking this to a business message then it’s important to note that this exercise really pushes teams to make emotional connection to their customers. There aren’t many team building experiences out there that explore this arena.“

Mark Davenport reveals more about Essence of Excellence

Whether you need a highly engaging conference energiser, a means of exploring customer engagement or a unique after dinner event, Essence of Excellence is now available through all our regional partners across the globe. With the festive season approaching Essence of Excellence could be the magic ingredient to kick off your Christmas party.

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