10 July 2014

Two independent teambuilding companies have joined forces to take the exclusive Catalyst Teambuilding license for Russia. We welcome Ola and Elena Kastensson (Russkie-Prostori) and Maria Varlamova (Fabrika) to our Global community.

With our rapid growth in Eastern Europe we knew it wouldn’t be long before an entrepreneurial company switched on to the potential of Catalyst Teambuilding products in Russia. What we didn’t anticipate was that two companies would approach us at the same time!

“In this situation we would normally assess the both companies and make an decision in terms of best fit to progress with one partner. However, after flying out and meeting both companies we realised they each offered impressive advantages but from very different market perspectives. The fit was great with Fabrika and Russkie Prostori, and we  found ourselves in the unusual position of being equally drawn to both potential partners.

Our solution was to suggest that they talked openly with each other and realise their collective strength in the market. This happened,  a joint Russian partnership is signed and we’re very proud to have facilitated what is a ground breaking achievement in the history of Catalyst Global”

Mark Davenport -  Catalyst Global Director

Ola, Elena and Maria will all be joining us next week for our European Summit in London where they have the opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded teambuilding professionals close to their region.

For more info on Teambuilding activities in Russia please visit www.catalystteambuilding.ru