30 September 2013

The sometimes high stressed and fast paced buzz of the newspaper editorial desk came to life in Making The News for staff from Lane Crawford.

This teambuilding activity kicked off with our Newspaper Editor, Mr Richie Roads giving a briefing on how teams would be creating, capturing and delivering their very own front page of a newspaper in less than three hours!

An assortment of features, team facts, exclusive scoops, newsflashes, adverts, team crossword, business consultancy and the main article, were brought together to give us the Lane Crawford Edition, known as “The New New”.

Teams quickly assigned roles with some going to a computer workshop, while others were tracking down informants, creating news content or attending a cartoon workshop for the comic release. Our resident cartoonist, Mr Larry Feign, formerly from Los Angeles Times, South China Morning Post and The Standard, led budding artists in creating and refining their drawings into something truly unique for Lane Crawford.

Next came a staged Press Conference, where selected team members got to ask the powers that be, what they could expect in terms of business growth and direction. This provided the content for the Business Consultancy section and in some cases even sneaked into the Main Article, if the news was particularly ‘hot’!

The final moments of collaboration came as the teams had to meet the Front Page deadline by pulling together all their stories and articles into the Newspaper software. All their hard work came together in true living A3 colour as the Front Pages were mounted onto foam board and displayed on easels for all to see. To wrap-up our News Editor led a debrief session for teams to readily apply the experiential learning gained in a drive for stronger results back in the workplace.

Making The News is an exciting team building product, which keeps teams highly motivated and creates a great deal of satisfaction when you see the results of the completed newspapers before you. An excellent activity to drive team work, business results and innovation.”Alison McLaughlin, Head of Learning and Development, Lane Crawford

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