We believe successful team building starts with our team. The team at Asia Ability are carefully chosen, highly skilled and meticulously trained. They are passionate about the power of team building to bringing change to individuals and organisations, which manifests itself in our dynamic events.
  • David Powell Header Image

    David Powell

    Managing Director

    A teambuilding Innovator with 20 years’ experience delivering the very best team events around the Asia Pacific region

  • Audrey Jinivon Header Image

    Audrey Jinivon

    General Manager

    The General of the team, an amazingly energetic multitasker.

  • Richard Michael Header Image

    Richard Michael

    Operations Director

    The Commander – of the complex operations as well as of highly professional event facilitation

  • Hailin Gambud  Header Image

    Hailin Gambud

    Programme Manager

    The ‘yes ‘ girl with fantastic energy and organizational capability

  • Benjamin Samin  Header Image

    Benjamin Samin

    Business Development Consultant

    The people’s person - outgoing, confident and a talented facilitator